A screen of admob interstitial

hi i m making an application of video online from youtube so i have 3 screen
the first that present the series
when i click on i pass to the second screen witch is a screen of admob interstitial the user will see the add and after the ad finish it must lod the third screen witch regroupe all episodes of the séries.

so my problem is from the second screen ho to set the code i need your help thank

this is the code of the secend screen ;


Very Bad way to show intersitial ad But it’s your choice. Because Sometimes Ad didn;t loaded or show for specific Ip than it means user can’t play the video.
Secondly The load ad block comes under When Screen2.initialize not in Menu Initialize both are different events.

When Screen2.Initialize (Call Admob.LoadAd)
When Admob_Interstital_AdLoaded(ShowInterstital Ad)
When Admob_interstital_AdClosed(OpenAnotherScreen=Screen3)
When Admob_interstital_Ad_failedToLoad(Load Ad)
These are right blocks according to your needs.

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You will get in trouble if you monetize youtube videos. Google will reject your app.

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Rajesh Kantipudi

, Senior Software Engineer at Innominds (2018-present)

Answered 5 years ago

No problem at all. If you are just displaying someone’s video in your app, just be sure not to have ads in that activity. We can display anyone’s video in our app, but we can’t monetize that page as it is against google policy. Also try not to include video thumbnails in the screenshots you upload to developer console.

You’re correct! But I’m now confused about the issue that made you post this topic :roll_eyes: since you were already awere of this!