Please help me to show admob interstial ad

Hi developers I need urgent help plz give me a solution.

Actually I created full app. Now its time to place admob ad…

I have placed admob banner ad without any issue. But I unable to place admob interstitial ad according to my exception.

Let me clear what I need.

I would like to show…

When click on button >> First show admob interstitial ad first >> then open another screen(or my content screen)

:point_up: For do this I tried many method but I didn’t get what I need.

At last try… I added following block

And do you know when I click on button sometime ad is displaying well and after closing screen another screen is also open.

:persevere: But sometime when I click on but it doesn’t show any result(neither showing ad or nor open another screen.) I think it might be happen because some time ad is not loading. So, please give me a solution.

open screen on button click. after show ad block. because sometimes ads wont be available so in that case your user wont be able to open another screen.

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that u set in blocks its only work when, when ur ad is shown if ur ad couldn’t shown it couldn’t work and there were no any idea for it, it happen only in Android Studio

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Please tell me more vishal. And will it safe see this >> Preloading Interstitial Ads

Check this video

bro its Kodular community where are mostly users speaks in English please share English video again we want an English video

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