Open another screen when Admob intertitle ad faild to load

How to arrange blocks for open another screen if ad failed to load

Like if ad failed to load or show than open another screen .

Open another page on ad closed is easy bt i cant got any solution if ad not loaded with internet on

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Why do you want do that, you want to have different ad networks in one app, and if admob does not work you use a other network on aother screen or what?

I want admob because its best

And facebook ads doesn’t have much ads as in admob

I am using Admob and Facebook ads both in my app both working fine, never fail to load


it does’nt work thats why i post this topic

do you know about any error code or error message

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Here are some ERROR CODEs and ERROR MESSAGES I’ve ever received… :point_down:

thank you
for helping

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if you did it in kodular please tell me how, please explain by block. a big thanks to you.

This is solution

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