A zoomed element that is then made invisible remains visible, but it's removed from the normal flow of the page

Describe your issue

If you zoom an element (tested with arrangements/buttons/labels) and then made it invisible, the same element remains visibile on the screen, but its space is removed from the flow of the page. Watch the video to better understand the problem:

Steps to reproduce the issue

Take a visible element, Zoom it (in or out) and the make it invisible.

Expected Behaviour

The element that has been made invisible should disappear from the screen.

Actual Behaviour

The element remains visible on the screen, but the space previously covered is taken up by the surrounding elements.

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Android version

Android 8.0 and 6.0.1

AIA and APK files for test

ZoomBug.aia (2.0 KB)
ZoomBug.apk (4.1 MB)

That’s no bug…
If you make any component invisible then the other elements take this new place.

And it remains visible on the screen?

Iam not for 100% sure that I understand correct what you mean :smiley:

Im’ sorry @Mika , my english is very poor :slight_smile:

If you use Animation_utils/Zoom on an element and then make it invisible, this element should disappear from the screen. But it actually remains visible. Only the space it used to occupy is “deleted”.

In the video above the element that I make invisible by clicking the button is the red horizontal arrangement. As you can see, after it has been made invisible it actually remains visible, and the elements below it are shifted over, going to take their natural position as if the red horizontal arrangement did not exist.

This is the exact same behaviour as a bug I reported for buttons.

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in the blocks, it reports that it is false/invisible but still remains visible


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So would this logic (as you provided @Boban for my other question) help force it?

No it won’t.