Is it a bug? [Animation Utilities]

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic

Cardview2 is staying on the screen after zoom effect applied eventhough I made its visibilty false.

Steps to reproduce the issue

test1.aia (43.5 KB)

Expected Behaviour

After applying zoom effect, when I make the component visibilty false. It must be insivible

Actual Behaviour

Even I make the component’s visibility false, It stays on the screen.

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Android version


There is a fix for this, If we clear the zoom animation by like this. There will be no problem. But is this the proper way to use this componet?

Move it to the end of the procedure, once the animation has finished. BTW, what are you attemptin to do?

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I did it. It doesnt change anything. If you watch the video, you will see a green box under the next button, whenever I press the next button. after zoom animation item stays on the screen. I am attempting to prevent it to stay on the screen.

Make it No visible with the checkbox, after the button is clicked set it to visible and play the animation

did you see my blocks? I already made it. it doesnt work.

You are still playing an animation on this element. Call the procedure in the button click, not in the initialize. But first make it visible to false

I didnt get your point. Could u please make it on a aia file and post it here. then I will have a chance to try it. lets see if your solution works or not.

Send your aia

I already posted it. Please check the first post.

What I want: after the zoom animation finished(cardview2), when I press the next button I want to make cardview2 unvisible. Please watch my video which I added first post. In there you gonna see green box is still there when I press the next button however press button has the block which makes cardview2’s visibility false. I makes me more stressed trying to tell my situation then struggling itself. maybe we should end this here.