About Admob Account

Hi guys I just finished creating an app and uploaded on play store.
but my problem is, I requested to get approve in admob and I got declined twice, I already search for an answer about admob restrictions but in the third time still got declined. Suddenly I tried to Login using adsense app and it shows " your adsense account has been disproved". I do have an adsense before but I already for got the access.

Please give me hope :frowning:

  1. If your first Adsense account was PIN verified, then you must have to verify your second account with different Address.

  2. If Google found any connection between those two (new & old) Adsense, your both accounts will be terminated.

  3. Getting Adsense Non-Hosted account approved is tough, but you can apply for a Hosted Account! Hosted Accounts will get approved easily.

i see thanks for the info let me try that :cold_face: