Need Admob Help

Google admob disable one of my app ad.I appeal twice but not enable yet.

now if i change my app name and change some design also.
Than can i add app in admob.? If i can, then there will be any problem in future?

Thank you in advanced

your ip, phone number, your address, you app name & package name bank acc (if you add bank acc) all will be in googles record, they can track u any time!

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I dont think this helps the user.

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maybe yes, i explain all, because they just create the admob account without reading the documents. later on they got suspended. i hope they will think something unique.

my adsense is safe also.i just add same type app in admob.just change app name.

Be ready for suspend admob account.Cause if your any disable ads from admob then your admob must be going to suspend . :pensive:

are you sure that?

yes.Same thing already happened with me .

is there any way to safe my account right now?

make sure no more invalid activities .

i always try that.