Admob account banned

Hi my admob account is banned bcz of the small mistake i forgot to enable test ads and even after doing the mistake i told then about it i have submitted the appeal form but what will happen if my admob account is still not enabled by then???
Please tell me how to contact adsense or admob support through email or mobile
I stay in India

You should ask in google support. What i know, you dont get an account any more the next year or more. The same thing as when they delete your developer account. If you are deleted you were deleted for a long time from now. You can make a new account but normaly they recognize it and they delete your account again and your payment is away to. If you dont use the test account the Ad Maker pays for your test. each time when you see the ad he have to pay for that. Thats shit. What are you doing if someone make a app and he test 100 times his screen and you have to pay for that 100 times and for what for nothing, I understand google. I hate people what waste money from other people because of " forget" . To lazy to do that was the better word for that. Sorry but normaly people think of , why i should do this.

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If i create a new account will it be okay and i will get payments if i get genuine users on my app?

Did you get banned because you clicked on your own ads?

No the most possible reason is because thunkable doesn’t have the load ad and show ad option present

If you play with these new monetization tools beware of the cost of admission that you have read all there rules and follow them. So never ever test ads on your own mobile other than test ads. But as a solution start fresh i mean full fresh as new mobile new internet connection and new email id with no connection to your account just get banned.

Even if you succeed to make the admob and adsense use different address like something of your relative or like that and don’t ever open old accound on your new mobile because google must see you as a whole new person with 0 link to you { the person whose account they just banned }. So its a mess but good luck! If you f### u# at any point of the time then google will track you by your ipaddress, linked mobile number and other meta data that they collect and don’t delete at any point of time. So its all up t you now. For those who are still safe play on the safe side. No ads on own mobile , no earning app and avoid using intertesial with when ad loaded show intertesial.

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I am facing problem admob banner only test mode working and I am of the test model is not any ad how to solve this problem anybody help me