Doubt about admob rejection

Now i am using admob in my app. i found a alert on my admob as below

The number of ads you can show has been limited. For details, go to the Policy center.

i have a website that have adsense with same email. if my admob get any warnning and ban or rejection . can i use adsense with that email with out any problemm.

anyone give a good suggestiion i am not ready to lost my adsense in my website

domain extension>>> .in
ad is live on website and app
app is published in playstore

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Better you Remove your old admob ad units & create new ad units & use them…

thats happening because they found something invalid in your ads, invalid clicks or invalid impression like you have clicked your own ads etc. it may take some days and they review your ads requested if they found anything wrong they will ban your account if not then it will be goes to normal for more read notification details from policy center in Admob.

if they ban my admob can i use adsense on my website

no they will ban everything(Adsense & Admob). try to not open your own ads or apps and be calm for some days until they remove ads limit. for me it takes 2 week to remove ads limit and everything gets normal.

ok i will use admob in another account it is better option

its better to wait for some days and they take a review and dont do any activity which is invalid.

i can’t take any risk . i am going to useadmob in another account.but i have a doubt i linked my app playstore link to this admob. is it possible to create ads to same app in another account

check this post

i am not doing like this .clearly

i will remove current ad unit but the app will still linked to admob because we can’t remove any app from admob. i will remove all ad unit and create new account that time i want to connect my app to new admob . then app is linked to two account but only new one account ad unit will be used

you can do that. you can transfer app to other account completely.

how can i do that

on new account just add your app as you added previous.

ok i trust you . :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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in previous year i lost a admob account with invalid activity .now 3 account for app,web,youtube

we also lost an account with 1400$ but its happens in our field and we cant say anything to Google, so just try to follow their rules and hope for the best.

yes ,they change policy day to day