One googlay acc have two apps, and problem with googl admob

This my first app and i have too many things needed to know.
my google play account have two apps, one of them has been disabled by google admob.
Can I use another AdMob account for the second app ?
My app on Google play have more than 500+ download, and this my blockun2 uni1
in testmode is show ads, but when i public on google play it doesnt work, how i can fixed it ?
Thank you very much and sr about my English.

Google will have done this for a reason. Changes are that this will happen to your other account to. What kind of app are you making?

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My app is moto parts and accessories, more than 40 moto types and about 50.000+ parts ID, prices, and more than 300+ repair instruction videos.

Firstime, i public my app on Google play, everythings is ok, but abmob banned my acc after two weeks.
I tries use unity Ads, but it doest work.

according to admob policy, if you make any other account then that account will also be suspended
so it’s better to tell us the real reason behind the suspension of your account

from google admob :
"Violations detected:
Covering dishonest behavior:
We don’t allow content that:

help users deceive others.
Encourage all forms of data theft or computer hacking and / or providing users with destructive instructions or equipment or providing unauthorized access to software, servers or websites."

My app use webviewer and google play accepted. my web is information moto parts, id parts and price, and important, because it my first app, some time i clicked ads (just test).
I tried to use unity, but it doesnt work.

somebody can help me via google meet ?