Need to Know About AdMob

I Had Admob Account, But Yesterday I Was Cancelled it. It was neither suspended nor bblocked by Google. then I created new account using another email id. Now is it safe to use in same laptop? My previous account was successfully cancelled.

How much time admob takes to show ads from new account? because it is almost 24 hour completed but still ads not show.

Why was your previous account cancelled??
You can find more info here about Time taken for new apps to show ads

My Account was not cancelled by google, I Delete it. I Want to use Fresh Account, And As per Google Policy, U r not allowed to use two accounts so, I Cancelled 1 account and create another new one

then there should not be any problem

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Please ask in the AdMob forums. We may not be able to provide you with accurate information regarding their policies here. Thanks


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