I deleted a gmail account that had Admob associated with it. I now want Admob on another account

I’ve already asked the Admob forum but not received an answer in 5 days. If anyone here has experience of this issue or knows ow to solve it please advise how to fix it.

About a year ago I created some apps and monetised them via Admob. No one downloaded my apps so I deleted them and I deleted my Gmail account completely.

I have now decided to give app development another go and have created a new Gmail account and another app which I want to monetise via Admob.

How can I add Admob to this new account? I can’t go back and cancel Admob on my old account because it’s completely deleted.

You will have to create new AdMob account.

just use another selphone and diferent number or diferefent gmail

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First I need to delete the old account which is linked to an email that no longer exists. Once I solve this problem, I can create a new admob account with my new gmail.

I do not wish to try and deceive Google. Inevitably they will find out one day and ban me for good.

Who said that?

If your will provide new mobile number to for your new account, they won’t be able to find you. Just remember that you should never login from the same device and also, don’t provide any backup email id. That’s it.

When I create a Developer console I will be using my bank card to pay for it. This is the same same bank card I have used previously. Everything else might differ but this they can track.

If you are talking about Developer Console, then yes they can track you with the card you will use but don’t worry about Admob. It will not be banned.

But doesn’t Google own Admob? Surely they will eventually find out? Or am I missing something?

That’s what I thought earlier. But one day, one user from the community told me that Google does own Admob but Play Console and Admob are different and hence, they don’t block you.

That’s interesting.

As I said I’m not trying to cheat or deceive Google or Admob. I genuinely need a new Admob account. It didn’t occur to me to cancel Admob from the gmail account I deleted.

I made no money at all from the ads because no one downloaded my games so I’m not cheating anyone by having another account, especially since the first one had zero earnings and can never be used again anyway. But I just didn’t want Google to think I was being dishonest and ban me.

Just an opinion: Pay with another card.

My play console account has been suspended twice by Google and this is the third time I am using Play Console to publish apps. What I did is I just changed the card, mobile number and used Incognito tab everytime to login to my account. You can do same with your Admob account too. Google claims that they don’t track Incognito browsing. If you want more safety, then you can use VPN which will make it harder for them to track you.

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I’ll try this, thanks.

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You are welcome. :slight_smile:

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