Admob and Play Console with same gmail

hiii There

I had Created my Admob and Google Play Console with two different Gmail ID
Is there a chance that it will affect my earning and ad placement on my app

As Google says to manage all Google products on one Gmail and I had also heard by some Youtubers that run Admob and Google Play Console with one Gmail else it’s not useful.

My concern is that if one of my Gmail exposed to hacker all my Important Google Accounts Like Admob, Firebase, Play Console, and Drive will be exposed in hackers hand thus to solve this I created each separate account for each Google Product with different Mobile Numbers

Please someone gives me a suggestion, as I have completed my app development and wondering to upload on Play Store

Thanks in advance

I dont know much about it but, i have published my one app from my friends play cansole account and monetized it with my gmail account, using Facebook Ads.

All is working fine.

Why did you use Facebook

Why not Admob…?

As I heard from many that Admob is far better then Fb as it provide consistent and more eCPM ads

2 years ago, When i was new in app development i dont enough familiar with Ads and Google Play Policies, and due to this my play cansole account as well as AdMob account got suspended.

Play cansole account got suspended due to i was published web Viewer apps. At that time i dont know that we can not publish apps based on web viewer.

Ad mob account was suspended due to Invalid Activity. I dont know whats wrong with it but i dont cheated with Ad mob.

Thats why, Now i started with Facebook Ads.

Same issue happened with me but my admob is suspended not play console

Google has 2 factor authentication

If an attempt was made to login from unknown device… they have to verify… for that it shows a number in unknown device… and in your phone, a screen opens, you have to select YES and select the correct number… then unknown device can login

Make sure you have enabled 2 factor Authentication in Google account settings

And also if login is successful you will get a notification in your phone

So I guess you must be using Audience Network for two years

and I think there must be some of the problems that you must have faced in the last two years Can you advise us as our courier in the Facebook audience network

Also, it would be great if you give us a little detail on what are the ads formate you are suing and their eCPM you are getting.

Does Facebook verify the address by post like AdMob

I know, but you know

“Precotion is Better then Cure”

And also

I had alrady made my admob account
if nothing happens I will just leave it as it is
but If it really affect my earning it will be realy bad for me

No, i dont used ads in my app till kodular introduced Facebook ads

I started using Facebook ads from last 3 months.

No problems with Facebook ads.

Facebook ads are easy to implement but revenue is less as compared to Admob.

To use Facebook ads, your app must be published on play store and also you need to get approval from Facebook.

I am using banner and interstitial ads.

eCPM is low as my all audiences are from India and it is less in India.

No. But we have to provide all details like address, payment methods, bank account etc to receive payments.

It is not so that you cant publish webview apps, you can post but you should own that website. If that website owner watches same and reports to google with proof, they will suspend you. But they dont do it directly.

Secondly, 90% adsense accounts are terminated because of invalid activity. does not matter you are playing ethically or not. Adsense is too much cruel and kills for no reason

there is no issue, you can use. It is not mandatory that a person must use same email for both. Only keep in mind, dont create more than one adsense or admob or google play, google bots will detect it immediately and they will be suspended immediately.
I suggest you to keep FB ads as alternative, so in case you lose account, you will be having something