How to use admob ads in Kodular

Hello everyone,
I want to know how to implement admob ads banner and interstitial ads can someone show me the blocks and explain.
The motive of writing this question is just because I have been banned from admob multiple times without doing any invalid activity the reason I found out from experts that making apps from the platform thunkable is the reason because it doesn’t have the show ad option instead directly ad is loaded and shown so how can I correctly show banner ads and interstitial ads plz tell me the best possible way.

First :point_down:

What kind of experts are they? Are you considering some Youtubers as experts?

Second :point_down:

I don’t think there’s any point in mentioning problems regarding other platform here. But even if you are mentioning them here, are you sure this was the exact problem? Because in your other topic, you mentioned your mistake as :point_down:

Yah that’s true but that account was banned earlier bcz of test ads which i forgot to enable these are other two accounts excluding that one

Don’t create multiple accounts, you might loose them all.

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Admob best policies that i personally use are :

  1. Make a distinctive border above and below the banner ads. minimum 5px.

  2. Don’t load your app with intertesial ads without reaching more than 500 active downloads but if still you do keep it limited to one or two place.

3 ) Use show ads with when ads loaded block only for banner ads and not for the intertesial.

  1. Use more and more layout option with conditions rather than going for new screen.

  2. If you follow the point four you can load the ads for the screen and show when required this way the intetesial ads will not show at a variable time point as with show ads with when ads loaded block due to data latency or so called slow internet connection.

  3. Use only test ads during buildup and never check your ads live; if your test ads run fine then the live ads will too; so don’t risk your account.

  4. Keep a eye on CTR and if it exceed 10% report to admob using their report form and if possible modify your ads position and time to reduce accidental clicks.

  5. And at last say no to earning apps; they are great and will get you earn more than 10 dollar a day but are higly risky and get your account banned for no reason.

  6. Use admob and google play console in with different email address. Gooogle only say one person should have only one adsense, admob and google play console account but don’t say to have them with one emalil id. So if you have different email id then your admob is fress of risk of getting temporarily suspended when you get a strike and suspension on one of your apps.

Good day! I hope you will share your tricks too!


Ohk thanks but i have already created then can u tell me what’s the fix??

Just delete them.

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not warking only test moad working how to soli

it takes 1-2 hours to get your adunit id to get activated so don’t worry its common.