About changing the manifest file programmatically - deep link

I have downloaded this solution for deep link GitHub - vknow360/DeepLink: Add deep link support to apps (For MIT AI2 and its distros)
with this files DeepActivity.java (730 בתים) DeepLink.java (1 .0 ק״ב)

My question: In the deep link file, I have this:

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@UsesActivities(activities = {@ActivityElement(intentFilters = {@IntentFilterElement(actionElements = {@ActionElement(name = "android.intent.action.VIEW")}, categoryElements = {@CategoryElement(name = "android.intent.category.DEFAULT"), @CategoryElement(name = "android.intent.category.BROWSABLE")}, dataElements = {@DataElement(scheme = "http",host = "Screen1")})},name="com.sunny.DeepLink.DeepActivity")})

I want to make the scheme and host to be what the user will enter. I know it is unpossible with simple solution, and I heard that from @Mohamed_Tamer

"Unfortunately, you can’t​:confused: because the @usesAcivities interface, executes before your actual code execute, so it adds the activity to the androidmanifest.xml file, which can’t be changed at runtime.Ant variables you add there aren’t created yet, so they will just cause errors.You can only add static values in the interfaces."

I dont know how to do it, maybe you know and can do it for me please?

I want to do like this: the user will take simple property of setting value, and will set to it the host (the actually main part). this property will list, that can used later…
Or you have another suggestion…
I really want to slove it…

Maybe there is a way, but i don’t think it will be using variables in an interface