About copyright Piracy

Can we use some popular icons as the theme of the application? For example, using icons such as pokemon as the theme as the theme, will it be rejected or punished when going to the play store?

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If the icons are open source then you can use then with some changes otherwise you can’t use them.

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Yes they get rejected if copyright

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Yes if the developer has done copyright policy

Talking about Terms of use of playstore and legislation of USA, you can’t even use some protected names without authorization. If you will be really punished for it or if it is just something the big companies will care about only in a few cases is a totally diferent story.

Example: If you make a sticker app for whatsapp you can’t use the word “whatsapp” at the name of the app.Still, there are hundreds, may be thousands of sticker apps who don’t follow this rule.
So far I did never hear of an app that was suspended because of that. And there are huge apps, with 50 millions of downloads, who don’t follow this rule.

Will whatsapp ever sue the developer or at least flag the app to playstore? I don’t think so. Actually they probably don’t even care, but the lawyers said “better oficially forbid it, so if we have problems with this in the future we can act as we want”

So my point is: Your act is somehow harming the person or company whose content you are using? Did this company show hostility against people using their content before? If the answer to these questions are not, make yourself one more question: Use this image as the icon of your app is really that necessary? If yes, I WOULD USE IT at least until the app start to go viral. Then, in the next upgrade, I would remove it.