About Heavy Snow Fall on Community,

Its very cold Weather on community today, as yesterday i have got a Santa Cap, and Today Experience a very heavy snow fall here, its freezing cold, so Staff must provide some cloths or a Heater to stay warm here, because just a cap is not enough, LoL,

I think I Have to Start a Poll for Heater.



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It stopped snowing. :cold_face: Finally.





Looks the same to me :sunglasses:


Ya Staff must provide some cloths or a Heater :joy:

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Is it possible to stop the virtual snow on the Kodular site?
It is a pain, for my brain.


It stops after a while.

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you can stop this temporary…
Go to inspect element under element ctrl+f and find discoursesnow this is class double click on this and under styles section(right hand side on chrome) find .discoursesnow
and add this display:none !important.
it stops but when page refresh it again starts because script runs again.
i do that because i all get pain in head as i wear spects.

Too long to wait for somebody with migraine. Is there a better way? Otherwise I have to wait till January 2020, to visit the community page again.

I don’t have snow anymore. It stopped after 10-15 minutes i think.

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Way too long.

Very accurate! :laughing:

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It started snowing again but when i refreshed my page it disappeared.

lol, disabled it :+1:
i was just waiting to see if people liked it or not :joy:


with migraine you should stay in bed with darkness and so on.

I guess the people in the northern hemisphere will like it but in the south they are about to start the summer.

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I beg your pardon and I wish you all the best.

but i like that,
because there is no snow fall in my city ever, so i like it and seems cool to me at least on community,

Lucky. Where I live there’s a lot and you can think of it as white mud.