About heavy storage app taking long time to load

Hi I am making a app which give the sound of animals and this app consists of many audio and video files and so if I download my app it taking a long time to open the app . SO how I can solve this big issue ?

Which database are you currently using?

I stored my data in app itself

Thank you is found the solution

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Who recommends that?
In my apps, basically all (media) files are in the assets for good reasons.


Probably because of apk limit in Kodular.
Google encourages usage of Assets rather than online database for storing file.


I added the word too many keeping the APK size limit on Kodular in mind as poster mentioned that he has many audio and video files to store. :slightly_smiling_face:

What does too many mean? There are sometimes more than 500 audio files in my apps. Incidentally, the APK size limit (32MB) with Kodular is not a problem, as the (media) files can also be added later (after decompiling the APK). I’ve been doing this for many years.
See here.

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Ok I will add my aia file which is still in beta mode test and give suggestions

Please don’t be aggressive! I’m sorry if I’ve said anything devastating wrong. @Overall_General Go ahead with the suggestions by @bodymindpower

I withdrawn my post. @bodymindpower

Please test this apk

Test now please

Dear @Overall_General you’ve to wait! Moderators will check your app as soon as they are free. :slightly_smiling_face:

Seriously? :joy:
He wants us to test his apk.

Just a quick look at the APK (images):

Rule: Use images that are “Just the right size”

Btw I think the build limit either applies to the APK or the AIA, both of which are technically compressed. No matter how many assets you have in your application, you shouldn’t be concerned, as @bodymindpower said.

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