Too many images and .mp3 files in my .aia

I have many images(approx 350 and i may add more) and .mp3 files (approx 350 and i may add more)

.mp3 file may be 4 kb each and image maybe 10 kb each approx. I am trying to put all assest in assest folder currently.

When I downloaded .aia (that time few assets were added) on my computer and added all assets to aia with help of 7 zip. Now aia became just above 10 MB. Then I was not able to import aia in kodular.

So I tried resizing images, compressing and got aia size to about 6 MB. But even then I am not able to upload aia into kodular.

So friends kindly help me.

What all are my options and which is best option for me according to you. How should I store my images and mp3 files?

Thanks in advance

You can get those through Airtable or Google Spreadsheet.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you help me with sample code to be written. And links would be very hepful.

At present I just write filename from assests folder where needed.

Here is the aia from where you can understand :point_down:


Thanks so muchhhhhhhhh

  1. I have heard of images stored in tiny db, base 64 format
  2. I see apps where users can download enire assets to their device

So what are these options and how do these options compare to airtable option? pros and cons ?

Thankssss again so much

You can even download it from airtable and store to tiny db

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@755d9df143addad65479c4759 You can store your files on cloudinary where you get 25 gb free storage and use the links and store them on air table and get them in your app this will reduce your aia file size more than 90%

But as far as I know airtable is too slow :snail:

Yes it is But not very much And still firebase will cost more

Remove most MP3s and images from the assets and add them again afterwards (after decompiling):

Note: In many of my apps there are more than 500 audio files in the assets and there have never been any problems this way.

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@755d9df143addad65479c4759 the most important thing is internet so check

Thanks bodymindpower for your reply
Highly appreciate :slight_smile:

Thanks so much Anu_Rocks :slight_smile:

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I followed your steps and could create a new apk (after adding assets in old apk in APK editor studio and signing it with keystore file)

Now I would like to continue working on this project in kodular on new apk file.
So how to now import this newly created .apk in kodular. I am not able to figure out

kindly help someone

I do not understand the question. APK Studio Editor is only used (required) to add files to the assets afterwards. Everything else will of course still have to be done in the project (aia). So what’s the problem?

My app is 80% coding complete.
I still have to do some more coding.

This is what I imagined: I add all my assets now with your option and generate new .apk and import this new apk in kodular and complete 20% of my coding left and then put it on playstore

Or is it that I will need to complete 100% of my coding with small .aia and only as last step to add all assets do your steps to add other assets and push it on playstore directly.

So final testing with all assets will be drectly on playstore?

Yes exactly.

thanks a lottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt :slight_smile:

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