About In-App Updates, the New Component in Kodular E

First of all I apologize for my more than likely ignorance.
This component should be useful for APK downloads, because for downloads from Google Play I suppose it is not necessary, since the Play Store itself deals with updates.
I’m wrong?

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Kodular Sneak Peek video about this component told us all! Watch the video.

A user can update your app in the background while he using the app. I think thats more than enough…

It is useful if you want to add more levels for an game app. The user can play the existing levels and at the same time he can download new levels.

Or maybe if you only want to do some design changes like different styles, then the user can download it in a few seconds. Else he have to download it from play store and this takes much more time for the user and this is very negativ for you.


Ok, I think I understand it much better now.
Thus, it seems very convenient to include this component in any app, right?

Yeah, it is
But it only works with Play Store apps

Why does it work with Play Store apps only?
Because when you distribute an app via APK files, then there’s no way to keep track of it
Even though you may only distribute it via your website, there’s no way make a global platform to fetch data from every website and unify it

Play Store does so, so they made a public API (like they actually have when updating apps), but to integrate the update page in your app

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Oh :neutral_face::sleepy:,

I will try to upload mine to the Play Store,

Is it only for production versions? Or also in beta channels?

Thanks Diego, I’ll keep that in mind. Greetings from Spain!

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In any beta channel
It will show updates based on the access you have with your play store account to the app

You’re welcome! But probably some other questions about this component will be solved after the update :wink:
Saludos desde España! :wave:

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I want to use In-app Update Component in my app but the experimental tab is not shown so please tell me how to use In-app Update Component!

This question has been answered a lots of time! Search the community before you post!
Anyway, Go to: Account (At top right) » Settings » Turn on show Experimental option.