In app update component not working!

Hey there! Trying to implement In App Updater on app. I checked this component after Kodular Eagle release, it was working good! But, now it seems not working anymore!

Steps I followed

  1. Set package name of any android app from Google Play.
  2. Set lower Version code of current app version on Google Play.

Now take a Look at below pic

What is wrong?

Since I tried my best to sort out this problem but didn’t get any solution, I’m changing post category to Bug.

Let me know if anyone has a solution.

same here,not working from 1.5 months :sweat_smile: for me

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Thanks for letting me know.

It will not work as play store DO NOT give updates to any applications not downloaded from play store.
What that means is you CAN NOT test any other app with:

As it is a self-made app and not installed from the play store. You MAY not receive the update.
The best way to check that is to put it in the app and then upload that to play store and after that release another update and open the app with the previous version. You will most probably get that in-app update notification.

And one more thing when the update is installed you are closing the application. Then how do you except for the Screen1 to open.

For more information on In-App Updates component, you may want to check this:

In my app it was working it is uploaded on play store but suddenly it stopped working!

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It works correctly for me

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It’s working on our Companion app which itself is built with Kodular and uses the same component.


Already tested with apps from outside Google Play. It’s not working since 1.4.2 update.

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Demo AIA please?

same here bro i dont know why it suddenly stopped working

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it should be inside

This is not the problem… As I already mentioned, I tested it on 1.4.1

Do you have tried InApp_Updates1.Initialize
block? :thinking:

Your answer is in the pic below… You might have missed it out… Sorry for unclear image… :neutral_face:

4 eyes and I don’t see :eyeglasses::joy:

Yes.InAppUpdate Components not working proper

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Follow the blocks with both options, by firebase or makeroid. Create a tag in firebase with the version, and when you want them to update, just change the tag value.

yes, it doesn’t work for me