Action on an object which name is in a variable

How to make this action :, aaa being, for example, a vertical_arrangement
through the following action set.VVV.visible.true
VVV being a label or variable which contains the name of the arrangement i.e. “aaa” text.

Anybody knows if it is possible in Kodular and how ?

Thank you

Any Component in blocks section may help you

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Do you mean that there is NO way to do that ?

In blocks screen
Left side
Scroll down
You can see any components feature

I did not explain myself correctly.
In the code I want to use a component which will be define by algorithm.
If I code “set.table_arrangement1. visible to TRUE”
the component is fixed once for all
What I need is something like : “set.VARIABLE. visible to TRUE”
and in the algorithm, I will define whether the VARIABLE is table_arrangement1 or table_arrangement2 etc…
Is it possible in Kodular and how ?

Thank you for your patience.

Go to blocks screen
Left side, You can see all components you are using
Scroll down to last

You can see Any Components
Make use of it…