Action required popup dialog ccontinuously show over 20 times non stop

hello my app on play store for last year and ads showed like a charm no problem now i just wanaa update my app when i export my apk and test on my mobile then i see popup dialog that said your app is not approved to serve ads.
Yes i know if i not install app from play store then this popup show . thats ok

but problem is this pop up continuously showed repeating over 20 times non stop even for this i cant test my app and app hang also with continuously pop up . if i cancel this popup it showed again over continuously non stop
And i not put too much ads on my app only 2 banner and 2 inter ads .

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Maybe this happens because you didn’t request approval on the new system?

You can check if you’re approved here:

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It is assumed that it is not necessary to request approval if it will be published in the Play Store

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Yes only if you want to publish on play store.
Else if you want to distribute as apk file or even test apk then you have to take approval for showing ads.


Try. Disabling the ads for testing the APK or choose test ads , when test pass,
Enable the ads,
Publish the app,
Create new app,
Do same things,
Publish app,
Repeat the things

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Search in the community!!!

You guys should learn to start thinking.
The dialog message is clear!

The dialog will be visible again and again if you load a new ad.
No approved ads requested? --> Dialog is visible!

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Sir i know if i not approved ads then dialog show if i not install from play store.
problem is this dialog show continuously non stop .

i think if i on test mode then dialog not show. like in past said @Deepanshu_Arya

I think you are using timer to show ads…that’s why the pop ups are coming continuously…u may show ur blocks…so that we can understand what’s wrong

You could upload the apk as beta & test…

No i am not using timer to show ads i use only simple method when click on list view image

And I already answered your question.

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ya now this topic is solved i on test mode. problem solved

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