Ad exchange in ad manager

Hello My kodular friends,

I try to create my ads.txt in ad manager but says ‘’ To view this page, you must have at least one linked Ad Exchange account in your Ad Manager network and your user must be assigned a role with the “Ads.txt management” permission " So will it be given by kodular to me ? I need a permission from kodular ?

What is the process . ? I am waiting your kindly helps


You have to upload app-ads.txt file on your website linked to your app. No Changes are required in your Ad Manager Account.

Thank you for reply . How ı will create this file? Problem is I do not have app-ads.txt. So ı try to create one in ad manager with guide of Kodular. I Stuck with this problem

Create a file named app-ads.txt in file manager of your hosting.
Use Google to find tutorial.

Ok. Thanks I will try. And feedback.