No Ads.txt management

There is no Ads.txt management option in Admin section

This is what I saw when I looked in the help center.
But I have not understand what is this (To view this page, your Ad Manager network must have at least one linked Ad Exchange account and your user must be assigned to a role with the “Ads.txt management” permission enabled.)

Please any one help.

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This is the answer I got after some research​:point_down:

"This section won’t show up unless you also have an Ad Exchange account."

Can any please explain how to create ad exchange account?

I’ve searched a lot about this but couldn’t find a clear answer or one that I could understand​:confused:, that’s why I’m asking​:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi do you have a website?

The Ads.txt is already provided by Kodular team in their docs. You just have to copy that, replace kcn-CHILD NETWORK with your Network code in ad manager and paste into your Domain’s root folder.

Please refer to this page by Kodular: How can I configure my app-ads.txt file? - Kodular Docs

My answer may not have been clear so sorry for that but please refer to Kodular docs page link I attached in previous reply of mine.

What you need:

Your website (If you don’t have website use Blogger)

Your Ad manager account child network ID (You can find it in the URL of your Ad Manager site’s homepage)

Last step is to add the code to /app-ads.txt of your Domain’s root folder (If you use Blogger add redirection from /ads.txt to /app-ads.txt).

To let Google access app-ads.txt, Add to the Play store listing of your app.

Wait for 2-3 days to let Google crawl and access /app-ads.txt.

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Thanks for your valuable reply,
But I have two doubt,

1.While copying and pasting the file provided by kodular, is I need to change the publisher id besides changing the child network.

2.Should I change Kcn-CHILD_NETWORK or CHILD_NETWORK to add network code?
The reason I ask this is because the documentation says “replacing CHILD_NETWORK with your specific child network code
, and you said “replace kcn-CHILD NETWORK.”

Again thanking you for the valuable reply, because it helped me more.:heart:

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Hi @muhammed_sidan,

Only replace the CHILD_NETWORK code with your Ad manager’s network code (Find it in your Browser Tab’s url)
Leave that Kcn- part as it is.

You can Personal message me if you want any help, Even I had struggles while setting up my app-ads.txt as I was confused a lot. I would be happy to help & would try guide as much as I could.

Have a wonderful day!

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Thanks a lot for helping me friend​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. If I have any doubts regarding this, I will definitely message you personally. Thank you very much​:heart:

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By the way, just for General knowledge, Google Admanager account is also known as Ad Exchange account.


This is a new knowledge for me.Thanks a lot for imparting this knowledge​:blush:.

Hello redirect from ads.txt to app-ads.txt??
Or reverse?? @Murtaza1

Watch this​:point_up_2:

Yes in this video also he tell from app-ads.txt to ads.txt

But he says above reverse may b his mistake​:+1::pray:

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Yaya,It must be his unwitting mistake.

w nee to add /app-ads.txt with URL ? or just site URL?

I don’t understand what you asked, can you please explain the question.

He asked while adding website link in to playconsole we need to add ads.txt after website url or just enter website url?

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I have added only the website url​:slightly_smiling_face:


i seached google. we only need to add website URL. becoz google will automatically fetch app-ads.txt from root folder and app user will only enter in your website homepage.


so the problum solved…


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