Add item in list using firebase

i have one poem application in this i am using list view and dynamic card view to creat 10 poem card and than i want all 1 item in this list using firebase.

so how to i add new item in list using firebase

Sory , but you question is not clear, can you please define a little more,

you want to store 1 item to firebase or what?

i want to 1 by 1 send item in list to all user

i mean all user have already 10 item list but i want to add 1 more item in list. using firebase

first get that list to app, store in any veriable then add item to that veriable list, and again store that ist to same that tag,

not 1 time only i want to add 1 item daily

not possible in kodular ?

its possible if you use right method, shoe me what you have tried?

i have shayari application in 1 list 1 have 10 shayari and i want to add daily 1 shayari daily using firebase how

you have stored 10 Poetry in one single list? and stored that to in a single tag?

yes tag same but i want to increase item 11,12,13 using firebase

then you need to ,
get that tag items first,
store them in to veriable,
then add items to that list ,
and store that ,

blocks - 2019-12-27T175853.973

blocks - 2019-12-27T175857.423

blocks - 2019-12-27T175859.209

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if user come on application after 7 days than ?

that you can enter, and it will be in list forever

can you show me block

these blocks will work for you as you wanted,

using this to every time get value from firebase
i mean if total poetry list gone 1000 than is every time going to download

this block don’t work

i want block like this if user have already 15 item list than need to download only 15+ available item

are you understand me ?

i dont understand , what are you trying to say,

but in simple, if your all data is in single tag then you need this block, because there is also a block append to value but that will not work for lists, for single tag data you must have to do this, ,

or you can show me with blocks or show me your app, like what you are really trying to do

Consider using airtable spreadsheet.