Add live video to a menu


Sorry if you’ve already seen this or if I can easily find the answer on the internet but I don’t speak English very well so it’s hard to find it on the internet.

I want to make an application, and in a menu there will be a live video from a camera connected to the network. And I would like to know how I can put this live video (like a surveillance camera if you want) in the menu. I don’t know much about that yet. Sorry.

Thank you very much in advance for your response.

Can you please tell me what actually you want… Because I am unable to understand what you wanna say… @Link

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From a server with php I broadcast a live video. I don’t really know how to do that. A camera with an arduino card capture and send the video to the server that sends it to the application. Hoping you understand and that it’s possible.

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Sorry i don’t know more about it. Let us wait for others reply …

How to create live video option in kodular app ,i want make a app like education app, i m a teacher so i want live video option in our app so my student connect with me for live videos,please tell me how to create live video

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Hi, Aditya_mishra
You can’t created directly with Kodular. You need to do a stream or pay for stream service. After that you can connect the live stream with you app, and make this app with kodular.


Hi Aditya_mishra,
This is new for me, i never see this post 29 Apr and 27 May.
I’m wrong, I have good and (as always) bad news. Good news you can create video calls even in groups in kodular with this extension:


Bad news first extension is free but stream have a limit (10,000 free minutes per month).
Second extension need to paid for her and stream have a limit (2,500 free minutes per month).

Hi, I think this free limit per month should be enough in starting or for beginners. After that their pricing is very low. I don’t know about the pricing of, but pricing of Sinch SDK which I am using is only $0.003/minute.

Hi Amit Narwal, thank so much for the info.
I have a question (i’m not read all you post) but you add video call in groups.
Thanks in advance.

actually service which I am using (Sinch SDK) doesn’t have video conference calls. But I am still trying to implement it some how.
On the other hand you can make voice conference calls easily.


What is App Id?
What is Channel Name?
What is Token?

Can you please explain how to connect with others with this app?