Adding new data to firebase with same tag

Another way to generate those numbers, providing a sequential index

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Thanks!! i’ll look into it!!

Hi! can you share an image of your database please?

Hi! This was just a part of the whole tree. When I get on my PC i’ll send you how it’s set up. What are you trying to do?

I need to upload a photourl without delete the previus one. Im making an app like Instagram, you upload a photo and it shows in a dynamic card. Im also thinking on using the append block

Well you need to create a Unique ID for each photo: something like /photos/photourl.
As long as each photo url is unique firebase will store them separately.

Append will upload them all in the same tag and that can get real hard to maintain.

Like someone mentioned maybe airtable would be easier for that specific function of uploading and listing the photos in your app.

Ok, i´ll try. Thanks for your reply!

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