Adding Polyline, Features, Polygons in google map

Sir, so far the updates on Google Map were awesome. But if possible please add Polyline, polygon and map shapes features to the google map. It would be always great if custom markers with Images are being added.

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First post right topic in right category.This should be in IWant.
Second mentioning people in first post looks weird.

Brother actually the post was created many time ago…I didn’t find any reply, not even one. That’s why I had to mention it.

I have seen a lot of people showing the community people right ways, but unfortunately my question was not answered. I know they are bzy guyz.

I have never asked for earning app guides. So I think my thing could be relevant as I have seen similar platform with Reformation is providing such features. I am sorry if I was not able to make all understand my words.

And is not allowed.

Thank you sir @Peter. At least you noticed. Without mentioning (the not allowed stuff) this post was ignored. Rather I’ve seen much worthless posts were discussed as debate form.

Koders or developers will only reply either when they understand topic or know something related to topic.
I think some one should make a guide about getting replies on topics or why anyone replies on a topic.
What do you think @Peter ?

You can believe that everything is noticed. But responding to every topic is hard for developers or others that are helping. So sometimes you get no response.

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I agree with the topic’s author. That resource has been asked for a long time and another platform, similar to Kodular, has this resource available. I would like to see it working in my favorite platform, Kodular. I have a question about the subject, does not that extension “Polyline maps” work in Kodular? So if it doesn’t work, why has the one who made it posted here in the community?

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Thank you @joaopedro_bpv for mentioning the extention. I was not aware of this extension and I haven’t used it. Hope, the demand for Polyline is going to be fortified.

But still creating Features like adding multiple dynamic polygons aren’t there.

Anyway, I’m going to test the mentioned extension ASAP. Thanks again.

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polyline is excellent in google maps kodular…if you learn google apps script there is maps service with polyline code…take pedroza exntension to encode…then boom u get polyline…