Google Maps Polyline

I am really into Google Maps the last months and used Thunkable for that. They have and option i didn’t find in Makeroid or AI just yet. Can someone tell if this can be done with Makeroid?

It’s the option “Add Polyline” and “Get Points from Json”.

Hi @Peter_Mathijssen,

Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into it a bit more and add it to my to-do list.


Closes as i could find was this:


But i guess thats a lot of work if you have a big track to display.

The Googlemap option was still experimental in AI and also in Makeroid. Yesterday i checked AI and found out the Googlemap option is gone.

I didn’t think that AI ever had a Google Map component? Anyway, the Google Map component is here to stay on Makeroid.

The Google Map component is currently experimental on Makeroid because it is new and there is likely to be issues with it. As soon as we have some more feedback to make sure there are no issues and there are more features, it will be moved out of experimental.

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Yes it was together with the Firebase component in experimental. Great to hear that it is staying with Makeroid. Could you tell me how to use the Add Polygon block. I tried some values but it didn’t work. I can then start experimenting with it.

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What values did you try?

I just tried with this and it worked:

From my understanding:
You can only use 2 sets of co-ordinates.
lat Min, lon Min
lat Max, lon Max

The blocks above put a point at 25.774, -64.757 and another point at 32.321, -80.19.


Sometimes my location is visible but most of the time not. In Thunkable i can set a color and linewidth for the polygon.
I tried the above but nothing is shown. I have to zoom in because the camera doesn’t do it for me.

What do you get with your example?

Is this the googlemaps component that came with Punya? I found tutorials where you have to get a api key from Google.

Can you try using Screen.Initialize instead of Map Is Ready? I don’t think this event is working correctly, I had problems using it too.

Yes, it’s the component from Punya. We have integrated our own API key so you don’t need to worry about it.

It works inside screen.initialize if i make an apk. It looks like this. The polygon made a box, i guess that what it is supposed to do. That’s why i hope there will be the possibility of entering a track (JSON Style).

If i test it in the companion i get the following error

I found this on the Google Maps Android section.

import android.os.Bundle;

public class MapPane extends Activity implements OnMapReadyCallback {

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

    MapFragment mapFragment = (MapFragment) getFragmentManager()

public void onMapReady(GoogleMap map) {
            new LatLng(-18.142, 178.431), 2));

    // Polylines are useful for marking paths and routes on the map.
    map.addPolyline(new PolylineOptions().geodesic(true)
            .add(new LatLng(-33.866, 151.195))  // Sydney
            .add(new LatLng(-18.142, 178.431))  // Fiji
            .add(new LatLng(21.291, -157.821))  // Hawaii
            .add(new LatLng(37.423, -122.091))  // Mountain View


I hope you can find time to make this in Makeroid. It is the only thing that holds me to Thunkable. There the polyline function is very elaborate.

There is also a new open source extension for decoding Google polylines.


Hi @Peter,

Thanks for the information.
As you know we’re currently really busy on our next release. As soon as it’s released, I will try to start implementing polylines.


Did you find the time to look at it? :sunglasses: The Google Map component is the one i hope will get to par with the one from :thunkable:. I have to use :thunkable: for a number of apps of my just because of their Google Maps component, thats the only reason. I can see that there are a lot of components added every new version of :makeroid: and every time i hope that one day there will be a great Google Maps component. :grin:

Is there someone who will pick up the challenge in making a great Google Maps component or is this something that will never happen?

@Sander did work on this a few months ago but it never got merged because of a few issues. We need to update a few things and make the component stable before we can add anything else to it.

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Count me in as a tester when this ever gets on the betaserver. :grin:

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The only reason my application is developed using Thunkable classic is because it has the “add poly line” and “add custom markers” functionality. This is an application for showing a predefined routes (sight seeing route) in a map. However, I understood that Thunkable classic will be stopped in late 2019. At the moment I am looking a replacement for Thunkable, but no AI derivatives I found have these two feature implemented (at least the poly line feature). If this feature is available, I would move to Kodular immediately.

Above is one of the screen shot of my App created in Thunkable. It would be nice If I can develop it in Kodular.

Hi @teguh_iman_setiawan, glad you’re moving to :kodular: and thank you for using our favorite name right. To start building your app without the Polyline feature so I can get you started as fast as possible because, 2019 is right in front of us. Goto and start building, yes it’s that easy. Start building today, without hassle, and build better than before. EDIT: Removed. We dont trash talk other builders here. So why not start coding, compiling, then installing. Enjoy! PM for questions.

Hi @teguh_iman_setiawan. I am also waiting for the polyline feature and custom markers. I also have an app on Thunkable just for this features with pre-defined routes. I hope developers will find the time to make this work in Kodular.

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