Admob Ads Impression And Showing Problem

Dear Kodular Teams…
I Have Some Questions

  1. Why not showing ads in my app after 1:00 pm According to Indian time…?

  2. Why does not happen more than five thousand impressions in one day while page views It happens…?

  3. According to Indian time, ads in my app only showing at 7:00 am to 1:00 pm…

I hope you will answer my questions and solve our problems.

This is Admob Problem…???

Hello @shashikantcontact
It’s not a problem admob will be have a less advertiser and also it’s depends on your app traffic if you have a 10k+ traffic then ads work perfectly and another think is it’s a same in Android studio apps also not problem in kodular try to viral you app in another country also then you get the best traffic and ads impression also thank you

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why I have same issue 13000 + downloads but ads impression

I have a problem that does not show ads on apps