Admob Ads, working or not?

Dear Koders,

During the past few days, lots of people have opened tons of topics saying that their AdMob Ads are not working
Also, lot of people are saying “It’s Kodular fault!”, when it’s not…

The unique error Kodular can raise is the content policies, which is the unique check we perform
Else, we just send the ad request to Admob to display it

So, if this is not your case, the most possible error (near 99.9% of probability) is the "No Fill Error"

What is this error?

This error is the most common in Admob
As there are, by far, much more publishers than advertisers in Google Ads Network, there is a surplus of available places to display ads than ads to display

So, to fix this, Google makes a bid system to whether detect if your app is suitable for an ad or not
To do these checks, Google takes into account user’s previous activity or user’s personal data (the personalized ad stuff, such us interests, age, gender, etc.), which kind of content does app content (targeted audience basically) and other stuff

If your app doesn’t qualify to show any ad from Admob matching their criteria, then you will get that error

How can I detect it?

As the following topic says:

You have to use the “Ad Failed to Load” block and get the Error Code or Error Message variable

If Error Code is 3 or Error Message is The ad request was successful, but no ad was returned due to lack of ad inventory., then this is the reason why Admob Ads aren’t being displayed in your app

Also, another reason why this error happens is due to account contamination
If you have abused from Admob Ads, your account will stop getting too many ads as the quality of your app will have go down

NOTE: Take into account that ads may need around 10-20 seconds to display if you have installed your app from an APK file, as we have to perform the security checks. We are already working to reduce this waiting time

How to fix it?

There’s no real way to fix this. All you can do is play with this error code and use other ad network in case of Admob Failure

Or you can try to contact Admob asking why too many errors like this one are displayed

What to do now?

From now on, if anybody else opens a topic like “Admob Ads are not working, please help me” and no further information is provided, your topic will be closed and hidden without any further explanation

If you want to get useful support, you have to provide useful details about your issue
Include in your topic if your app is published in Google Play, an AIA and APK file, etc. All stuff you consider is important
But if you don’t do this, you won’t get any help

And just to finish, we recommend to use adb logcat to better debug your ads and confirm they are not working due to “No Fill Error


You can find some other things here too:


Just to add some more information, you can find here that lot of people have the same problem with the Error Code 3!categories/google-admob-help-forum


Little update on this

We have made some changes in our code, and it seems like apps installed from Google Play no longer return the Error Code 3


Admob ads are working fine now