Admob and Play store

Hi, i build a simple app which i want to publish on play store with admob but i am a noob and have some simple questions (i do not know why it is so hard for me to find tutorial or answers on the subject by myself)

Is it better to call .Show InterstitilaAd with a button or .Ad Loaded?

Will the Consent Message appear every time we call .Load Ad? because on test mode it does

Do i have to write the message of Consent Message and what to write?

what is happening if a user choose (Consent Message) no/cancel, what .On Consent Changed is for?

What the block, Interstitial Commission to, do?

Where i find Ad Unit ID?(keys?) do i need change them?

To publish to play store in what order should I do: connect my app with Google admob - upload my app to playstore - do something else( keys?)

Ty for your time

All answer’s you will find if you search on community and read docs of admob here

Better to show on activity like changing screen

No only first time
And for more search on community

I did but could not find the answers, does not help too for example i do not know and can not find on community if i need to use the block [Interstitial Commission to] in my app so I can publish it

Thank you, did not know the tutorials about admob of other app inventor providers work there too