Without uploaing app on playstore can ads come


(dipak) #1

can ads come in app that not uploaded on playstore

(DjJohn) #2

Yes they can :joy:

(dipak) #3

in my case no

(DjJohn) #4

Enter correct ad ids
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First of all read this

(Gameing live) #5

if you are using google admob then you will see ads while you test app in campanion but when u export as apk ads will not show if yiu dont have your app in play store. when your app is live in playstore you will see ads thats what happen with me, note if you use other monetize app live applovin, startapp, etc u will se ads without uploading your app to play store

(Aravind Chowdary) #6

Yes , Ads of Admob & Facebook DOESN’T show up without publishing you app to play store.

Reason : This move was recently taken by Google to avoid the Low Quality traffic.

(Boban Stojmenovic) #7

Your app is not whitelisted by :kodular:

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