Admob ads not working without uploading playstore is lie

If you think your admob ads will not work without uploading app on playstore then its a big lie because my every app and the every app which have content here works well and only few peoples are spreading the news that the ads will not work then just avoid them flag their post.

Don’t migrate to any another builder kodular is most powerful and best

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Every ads are working just fine… You have few things to show ads properly.

  • Working admob account
  • Correct ad id placed
  • correctly set block

There’s a fact to that … If someone uploads their app to Google Play Store it will bypass the Kodular Security since google has verified the app. So in case if you app get black listed it will work in Google.

It’s not compulsory to upload to Playstore

Yes but blacklist thing is only for content which supports porn and there is very less chance of getting blacklist because no case is seen until now and some people are just making fools to others and taking money to get their ads running the work is very less but they demands too much money like upto 25$ i have seen in many cases.

can i make money with kodular app without admob and Google play?