Admob Approval System

ya solucionaste el problema ?

There are two steps to the solution.

  1. Have more diverse content on your app to allow more inventory matching. Inventory is the number and type of ads they have for a use case. If your app is limited in the content, the number of ads are limited. They wont go showing the same ad over and over. Advertisers wont pay for that.

  2. Be patient. I have played games where you get points by watching videos, and sometimes it says, no video available. That is the exact same thing.

You can set up an error handler so that if the person wants points, but there is no ad, you tell them sorry no ads available. Give them a few points anyway.


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you solved the problem ?

who helps me solve the problem so that the ads are displayed ?

I just explained it above.

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How can I configure the error block?

and what components do I add?

You can use some if error = . then . You need to do some more tutorials I think


Use this block to show error message. I hope it will help you.


I’ve published my app in the Google Play Store. But I’m getting the error “your app has not been approved to serve ads. Please, go to Kodular Account and request its activation”. What should I do?

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Install the app from Google Play and not from APK

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Sir which type of content we need I have used webviewers,text,images,etc but after this all admob ads are not showing any type of ad.I have not uploaded this app in playstore I am using this app on my own mobile for testing but ads are not comming.I am very much frustrated with this please guide me what to do.


are the ads now displaying


Hmm​:nerd_face: I’m happy to hear this from you guys, Kodular is just the best. Keep the good works, Kodular Team


Great translation, translator :joy:

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