Appreciation and Suggestion Post - APP Monetization Approval

I’m using kodular for 5 months now, and it has been great.
All the functionalities are great and working.
I believe, most of the money needed to keep the platform running comes from ads commission and branding removal because they are the only purchasable item on Kodular.
But getting your app approved for monetization is the most unreliable function on this platform.
I have 5-6 app waiting for approval and 2 already approved
On May 5th, I applied for monetization approval, and the status is waiting, I know 5 days is not a long time but I have seen many posts in which people say that they have been waiting for 1-3 months.
I have invested a lot of time and effort in building those apps. 5 days is not a lot of time but the anxiety it is giving me is painful, more than admob’s ad-limit.
Project ID/App ID: 5851940829265920 is waiting for approval.
I request kodular to improve app monetization function, so that it gives less anxiety to kodular users. I request you to approve my app sooner if it is possible.

Thank you for this platform.

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Simple solution will be to publish your apps without ads or with ads disabled.
And whenever you get approval just push an update.

My apps are already on Play Store for 3-4 months, most of them are in top 10 on their keywords.
I waited 3-4 months, now its time to add ads​:cry:

@vknow360 Happy Birthday !!!


You app will be reviewed. Mine was although rejected.

That’s good. :+1:

Although I can’t do anything in this but I will suggest you to submit your app for approval as soon as you start working on it.In this way you will get approval by the time your app gets completed.

I thought, kodular checks the app content if my app has no content or less content or in an unorganized manner, this can become a reason for rejection.

Probably no.
If they get to check every app personally then it would take a lot more time than it is taking currently.
Only thing which should matter is how you describe about your project.
Be clear be safe.

It’s more they review the purpose of your application. I myself don’t mess with ads though, it’s a messy thing to mess with, many things you have to watch over like making sure your ads aren’t accidentally clicked too many times and the list goes on.

Also, the off-topic category was taken away from us a few months ago, send Happy Birthday messages to the person directly if you wish to do so, not in a topic.


Somebody has said to me that if I submit my app on the play store with kodular’s AdMob component and play store approved the app then ads will automatically start showing as monetization will be approved automatically.
Isn’t it?

If your app has ads and user downloads it from play store then no approval is needed.
But if app gets installed using apk then it must be approved by Kodular to show ads.


You don’t need approval if your apps are on GooglePlayStore


Thank You, Such a relief, Wow, I’m literally out of words.
If someone installs it through apk, then what will happen?
Dialog Box will appear?

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Your ads won’t show unless your application has been approved.

One more question, if someone download app from Play Store, and then share it to friend as apk.
Then what will happen? And if dialog box will appear telling app needs approval from kodular?

Probably it’ll be shown as the user (Friend) did not install the app from Google Play.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

That friend is still installing it from apk.

Is there any way to block app content if installed through apk, and ask user to download it from play store?

You should check Package utilities component.

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That app got approval in 3-4 days after this post.
Submitted new app - waiting from 2 weeks

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