App approval for an App already uploaded to Play Store

I have submitted an app for approval 8-9 days ago. This app is already in play store. I have added the link as well in approval form. Still it is yet to get an approval. I don’t see any reason for such a delay. Any replay from Kodular staff will be helpful. Thank you. Previously I never applied because once you upload it to the play store, you don’t need the approval for monetization but now you need at least one approved app to enable monetization with ads manager.

In future please search the forum before posting.

There are already lots of topics about this kind of thing and people have been waiting months so 8-9 days is nothing.

Please just continue to wait, spamming the forum with a topic that has been done to death will not make anything happen faster.

When Kodular developers want to address this issue they will. Until then they, as well as the app developers, are losing money.

Waiting for months for an app already published in Play store. Are you sure? I don’t think so. and when it comes to spamming then you must read my topic again. I am asking for an approval of an app already ready for monetization because it’s in Play store. This app is not some trash money earning app. I think only those app will take forever to get an approval from Kodular.

If your app is on playstore it doesn’t need to be aproved by kodular team to show ads. If the user download from Kodular the monetization will work at user’s device. If it is no working on yours, it is probably because you installed from the apk you downloaded instead of downloading from playstore

I know that, but to get google ads manager account, I need atleast one approved app so currently I have to apply for approval. I discussed it in this post with @dora_paz :

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Hello, Tejas

I will say something that Gana break your heart, but I will say anyway

My App is approved by Kodular and also uploaded on the Play store
I have more then 10k download and over 1-2k active users

and for the last 1 month, I see this message on my Ad Manager report on Kodular

I also posted my problem to find if I am making any mistakes, but kodular doesn’t seem to be interested in replying to developers’ problems.

So even if you get approval from Kodular, I don’t see any way you gana earn.

In the end, I will have only one suggestion for you. If you had a better computer, learn Android Studio and run away from Kodular.

Kodular is a platform to Learn not to Earn

have a good day


As I said, search the forum.

Well I can say the same.

Nevertheless in the official Kodular docs it says: It may take up to 2-10 days to review your application. here is the link

Oh, i understand your problem now. In this case I agree with Dhiraj_Kumar.
Kodular is a company (and has even became a direct partner of Google in monetization, what made them practically forbid all the users from monetize without Kodular native components) but there is a culture of despise for monetization, even if they are very good and unique apps that are loved by their users. You can see many posts from the staff and important members here that make it very clear.

I like Kodular very much, big fan since it was still makeroid, but truth is, if you want to make money, here you won’t get the best structure. It is very usual to see monetization components getting weeks to update to the current API even if there is not significant changes at code, bringing sometimes weeks of no revenue to the users and Kodular itself. In the past it wouldn’t be a problem, you just had to use extensions to moneize in the meantime. But now that extensions are being blocked by Kodular system, you may see 25 to 100% of your potential monthly revenue to be lost when some bug happen or some update is necessary. Not to mention that, according to some people, you won’t be able to use some other monetization systems because even if there are not similar components in Kodular, the system will still block extensions made to work with them.

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Just because the documentation says it takes 2-10 days it doesn’t mean that’s the reality.

Going by the number of topics and posts from people who have been waiting weeks and months for approval it seems there is a problem somewhere that is not being addressed by Kodular staff.

Perhaps they are very busy with other things but they should say so. Otherwise people are just waiting and waiting.

We can only go by their words, no issues, I will wait just like everyone else.

True. But there certainly seems to be something wrong and we will need to wait for an official response.

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If you are in an app market, you have to be up to date always else you lose your users.

The money we earn goes into advertising for our app. And then users download and we get revenue from showing ads in our app.

If we don’t earn, we will not be able to bring downloads for our app and pay for our server.

For the last three months, I am paying for my server and also for advertising (which is decreased by 75%).

I am at a loss because of Kodular Mismanagement of their system.

And I guarantee you, there will be 100s of developer like me.