App is not approved still in reviewing process after 10 days

I have create an gaming app and send a request for monitization approval but even after 10 days it’s still not approved and in reviewing process.
Can anybody help me what I do next and if possible how can I cancel this app monitization approval request and I will re requist.

Just be patient. You cannot cancel a request and re-request especially not just to jump back to the top of the queue.

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Me too
What is the issue for that delay?
I made app and I want to get approval to upload on google play,
Explain to me what is the problem)

You don’t need ad approval to upload your app on Google play:


you are misleading users. Play Merket blocks apps without Kodular monetization approval. Users want to monetize their projects.

Google Play doesn’t have something to do with kodular monetization approval :man_shrugging: just kodular blocks the user from showing ads if the user didn’t request as approval ( only if it wasn’t downloaded from play store ), you might read the article above again


my app with admob key was blocked on google play. I wanted to check the truth of what you write or not.

Playstore approval have no connections with Kodular Approval. Sometimes Kodular may approve you but not playstore and vice versa.
Your app have been blocked because you might have violated any policies of Playstore (they provide reason in their mail) or maybe your ad implementation was wrong.

We all are users and tell the experience. They are not paid by Kodular or something to mislead or spread fake propoganda.


When I try to test by download from Kodular link I got message that is need approval to show ads , , what is the benefit for monitization approval of kodular while google play not required for monitization approval??
Please explain that point
Sorry because these is many points not mentioned in the website about that

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In simple words.

If you are not uploading your app on Google Play store then you have to get approved by kodular for the same in order to show ads in your APK.

If you are uploading your app on Play Store then ads are enable automatically to all the apps downloaded through PlayStore. (Might be because if PlayStore has approved your app then app is most probably following all the rules of Kodular too)

Note: Apps published on Google Play are also checked and approved/rejected by Google PlayStore Team.

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There are 3 things to know:

  1. If uploading to stores other than Google Play, you need approval from Kodular.

  2. If uploading to only Google Play you do not need approval from Kodular.

  3. If you want to check if ads are working on your apk that you have compiled and downloaded onto your phone(s) before uploading to any store, you need approval.


I will recommend to take Approval whether you are Publishing on Play store on Not. Even if you publish on Play store and suppose your users shares apk, then ads will not show and thet will see a pop up. So its better to takeApproval.