Admob buttons , what they do

I’m just interested what which button does exactly

Just turn Visible button on and add your ad id.

What is use of this

“Consent Development Mode”

And use of

“Ad enabled”

If enabled you can see the consent dialog.
Means you can watch how it will looks for users in europe.

To see the dialog you need to load/show a ad

You can enable your ad by selecting it

Just ignore Consent Development Mode and add your ad id to get started!

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But where do i need to set

personalized or nonpersonalized function

I don’t understand can you please elaborate?

Before this update there was a button to enable or disable , so it shows ads related or not related to you

I am from europe do i need to enable this Consent Development Mode

No, you don’t need to enable it.

Ok thank you hacker :slight_smile:

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You’re most welcome​:tada:

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