After Creating App what is next?

Good Day to All, May I seek for help
1,after finish creating app what is the next step?
2. when I install the app it says warning Google play protect does not recognize the app, what to do?

IN a newbie in creating app and I really want to Learn how to do it.

Please help me…Thanks you very much

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Its happened when you install apk in your phone.

Just ignore it


Thank you for the reply sir…

What will I do next sir?

When I try the app there is no ads to show

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This is the solution for ads. And if your problem is solved mark my reply as solution.

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This happens because you install the app without downloading from play store. It is a security feature of Android, it will always show you warning if you install any app from any unknown source as it can be dangerous but as you are trying your own app nothing to be worried of