After kodular Fenix Update, Show this error falied resolution

After kodular Fenix Update, in companion apps work fine but when i Export to apk showing this error

there was no error in the apps
i use different extension

  • TaifunClipboard1
  • PedrozaThumbnail1
  • TaifunFile1
  • admob
  • cardview

also size increase after export it was 8.3 mb now 10.1 mb
i never add any things in the app only change message

Do you use an admob extension?

banner and Interstitial??
and i add the Google Ads App ID in the new setting

ad extension are not allowed only the internal ad components.

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i use admob extension that available in kodular under Monetization
i didn understand you?

those my extension

That is called a component.

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i am using internal components
that mean admob is not internal components?
plz can you give me what i can do for this error??

stil same error showing after export to apk

Did you recasted extension which were showing error ?

yes i do recasted extension but not give file extension with .x.aix its come same
see this

and most extension show

Can you check in java folder

Sorry to bother you and thanks for replying me
but how to check java folder?

Local Disk C → Program Files → Java

If you are facing any issues to recast it post your queries here :point_down:

I am sure you will definitely get help there

exactly this error (error falied resolution)

showing from admob extension for kodular component, because when i delete and export to apk without admob it’s working perfectly
and this happen after kodular Fenix Update

plz can any one have solution for this issue???

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