.aia files available for sale from now. Pedometer App

Hey guys , i have developed more than 50 apps with amazing UI and swift processing. Many of my apps are on playstore too. So many of our friends text me and they want the .aia file of my apps. But the thing is it takes weeks to develop a single app . So giving away .aia file of various apps for free is not possible .
From now i have thought to sell .aia files of my apps .

For today i have Pedometer app .aia for sale . i have attached some screenshots of the app.
If anyone is interested to buy the .aia file of the pedometer app ,
they can paypal me $ 5 or Paytm me Rs. 200 and i will send the .aia file of the app to them.

Paypal link : PayPal.Me
or can Paytm me : 8168010718

Here are the screenshots of the app :




How about selling file for foodstore apps selling burger, fries, milktea, waffle and coffee? Make me apps for this nd ill pay

Well that’s a good idea but these kind of app are very trickier but not impossible to make because they are completely dynamic and if you have a large user base then you also have to pay for Firebase api {but free for small limited user base} if you use it as database and any other service you have integrated to store retrieve user data,dynamically plus you also need an admin app or admin panel{like a website with hosting and maybe with a domain as well} to manage all users and their orders.

Now what you say because cost of making this kind of app is much more than other type apps, if you have a good budget then kodular have some great developers who have developed some amazing apps you can also contact them or PM me I can also help you with that.But this cost reduces very much if your user base is very small and limited

Alright. I will develop it for you.

Did you get this type of app yet

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hi can you give apk file so i can check app and will purchase