Shopkart - Online Ecommerce / Shopping app | Paid AIA file

Shopkart - Ecommerce app aia file

First of all thanks to Kodular team for providing such a wonderful platform to develop apps without coding

Price : $60 only ( Less for students )
Paytm and UPI also accepted .
Interested buyers can message me personally .

App Description :
A powerful , secured and useful application to sell your products on playstore . The app consists of high quality login system with main page and secured chekout system . Here are the major useful application properties :

  1. Shopkart app consists of high quality login system connected with firebase.
  2. All other system in app are connected with airtable to make it secure and easy to use. Main page consists of various categories and offers which are totally dynamic.
  3. Currently the application supports COD because we do not have any much useful payment extension with least commission.
  4. App consists of cart system and high quality chekout system.
  5. Product variations and size can be shown in the application.
  6. Orders history system is provided in the app to ensure client satisfaction.
  7. All the order placed are shown in airtable sheet with complete delivery details.
  8. Multiple photos and screenshots of products can be added in the app.

If you want any more feature then let me know :slight_smile:


App Download link:
For testing purpose i have added same products in various categories.
App apk link :
Suggestions and bug hunters are welcomed.

Hitesh K. Yadav

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Very nice! Keep up the good work bro

I want to ask
how you can add products dynamically?
Where User data stored?
and which service you used to change product links or images?

Products are added using airtable . Categories and products are totally dynamic and are stored in airtable.
User data is stored in firebase .
For images i used cloudinary and my website server.


so only indian can check that, because there is no option for others to enter number from other countries, so mention that in title, ( only for indians)

No actually today Iā€™m pushing an update in which any country code and number can be added.

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okay, that will be great , i am also working on a same project to create something similar, little difference is i am using mySQL and other business users can also add there products for sell,

App is working very well & it worth 60$
Its Detto Flipkart Style UI

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hehe thanks man. thanks a lot for appreciation . i just want to prove that such high quality apps can be created on kodular.


Nice app.
It have some performance issues

I will share you screenshots

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