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Simple and Easy Online Shopping App, This is just design only for now, working on development part as well as adding more designs.

I hope you like it.

Screenshots: (Updated - 1st Aug 2019)

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Demo APK - iCart.apk (6.4 MB)

Feel free to give suggestions / feedback.
i know this design looks like flipkart copy but always remember, this is not for production purpose, just for experimenting & knowledge purpose. Everyone will see what they can make with kodular.


This is Flipkart… :neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face:


And flipkart is going to send you a copyright notice…
Just a joke:grin:
Really wonderful


Awesome work

Nice work and great concept.

its not… adding a slider and deal of the day option doesnt make this a flipkart… its not even close to F from Flipkart.

Thanks Guys…


Not It Doesn’t but All the UI is From Flipkart, Everything is Basically the same. Also all the images are from Flipkart. Overall Seems like Flipkart


i know the images are from flipkart… so also do remember that this is not for production purpose… i am making this for knowledge purpose so others will understand what kodular is capable of. so stop comparing it to the Flipkart.

Flipkart app is way advanced than this,


The topic is getting warmer without any reason, its fine, right? @Abhijith_Dominic and @techcvr

its fine… no need to heat up…


Is it open source?

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hahaha no, it is close, you have almost everything from Flipkart’s UI, btw nice

no… its not…


Well-done, such an awesome app.

I’ve got two little questions, if you’re able to answer them.

1st: How have you made that Grid view Layout (in the picture you show the cellphones)

2nd: How have you done to put that Horizontal Arrangement (with the buttons “Buy” and “Add to Cart”) over the description (another arrengement)?

using custom list view extension made by deep host

using horizontal arrangement

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Related to the second question I made, appearently you have used the “Bottom Sheet” component, in order to get the Horizontal Arrangement overlayed to the background, that was my question. Thanks for answering to :slight_smile:

no… i didn’t use bottom sheet component, like i said i have used the horizontal arrangement, i think you are confused by the buttons fix position.

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Yes, how did you do to fix them?

put it in the bottom of the screen and use vertical scroll arrangement above to add other components,

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