Grocery App (User app)

Hi, I made this app nearly a year ago. But i didn’t published it or sold it because I think it have some UI issues in different devices/phones. And then I just forgot about the app.
Recently I tried to solves those UI issues using Responsive extension. I am posting the apk and screenshots of the app below.

  • Please let me know if any one of you guys faced any of the UI issues or UI looks way different in your device.
  • Because I used Animation Utils and it doesn’t use percentage values, so we have to use some work around to make it work properly. This also cause issues if used in UI
  • And I used a lot of blocks in the app, which may lag a low end device. Please also mention this if you faced any lag issues.
  • I am using Google Spreadsheet as database, so it maybe slower to load stuff.

Signup option will not work for now. So use options “Login” or “Continue without registration”.
Use this for Login =
Email = [email protected]
Password = amiT

Download Link = Google Drive

Screenshots =


Oh. Nice app. You can change the category from discuss to kodded apps. By the way how did you create that search colum{5th item from last)? All fields are good . App says, you have taken lot of time and care to design it. Keep it up and keep kodunga

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Is Its Free Or Paid

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I am not selling or publishing the app right now. I need some help in UI issues, that’s why I used “Discuss”

It took me around 1 and half month to complete but it still have UI issues :pensive:

I used Dynamic extension for this

I am not publishing or selling it for now

Can You Tell How To Email / Mobile Number OTP Verification System In Kodular

So , Are you need help now? Can you elaborate?

I already mentioned everything related to this in the post.

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By seeing this error, you forget to use clear dynamic list or del list created by dynamic component. Kindly add clear list @Amit_Narwal

Can you please which font have you used ?:pleading_face:


It is super UI

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Why this type issues was happened? You can use percent value. Btw, great ui

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Can i create same ui like u?

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thx will look into this issue

Font name is Gilroy

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At some places, I am using animation utils. which doesn’t accept or work on percentage values


anyone can create any kind of UI
it depends on you that how much effort you can give to create anything

Can i take concept & create same ui as you?asking for permission

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that’s not my design
I also took it from dribbble

you can also do the same, you can use whatever you want, no issue from my side