Suggest me to make Better UI.My shopping app have a look

Have a look at screen record.

I try to make shopping app.App is in under build up process…suggest me to make better UI…
1.I used dynamic image that are store in airtable database.
2.cardview autoslide image are implemented with dynamic image that can change the image anytime.
3.I used paytm api system.

My app is not complete now is in under process…So, suggest me to make better UI.

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@Sherpuraala did say in a post of his to use which I also prefer. I tend to go more off of Pie designs, but it’s totally up to you whether to stick to Material Design. Make your app easy and simple to understand. You want to create a design for the audience that your app is for.

App is good but look is average…
I suggest you to change sign up screen. It’s not look that much good & Make sure sign up & login screen background must be same… @kweng

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@Alapjeet thanks for your suggestion.Yes I will change the of sign up and login screen and I try to change the UI of my app…

Best of luck & may i know the payment method @kweng

paytm api system @Alapjeet

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Sign up screen UI template USE THIS AS SIGNUP SCREEN

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Try to improve UI design.

You should try creating UI like your competitive apps in the market. Like Amazon, Flipkart. This is what I recommend… Also, may I know your verification method for signup login?

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Simple things you could improve:

1.- Get a better font. ( This gives a personalized touch to your app.
2.- A custom color palette. Stick to 2 to 3 colors (
3.- Make the prices look BIGGER and remember that green-lightblue = good, yellow-red = bad.
4.- In my opinion, black makes a lot of bad contrast, use “#1A1A1A” because it is dark but not grey.
5.- Stick with white or dark grey (night mode) for the background color. The gradients add a lot of noise to the UI and the photos of the products.

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@mayoiha Thanks for your suggestion. I will remember try to improve it more.
@Kshitij Thanks for your suggestion.