Airtable Database Filtering Extracting Wrong Data

  1. I have the general listview that receives the values ​​from the airtable…
  2. then in the general list, when I click on each item in the list (after picking), a BottonSheet opens with the details of that item.
  3. And when I click on the filter by cities, the filter is done correctly by cities, but when I click on these filtered items (after picking) it does not pull the data from the filtered items but from the general list (here is the problem)

Could someone help me?

Here I’m getting the data from each column of the airtable

Here I filter by cities

Here when I click on each item in the list, it returns the values ​​of airtable_db

change like this and try,

  1. keep this for each number block after the last then, if not you wont be get proper output

  2. this list view should always fix out of the for each number block, then only filtered item will be shown

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