Airtable, how to create many rows at same time?

What am I doing wrong with my blocks? In airtable I only get the first line, ingrediens1.text and not the rest of them.


Another easy method will be have for show your list

? Show my list? Dont think that will help much, you see that I want to store all the text inside the labels. But only the first label is stored.what’s inside the labels is only different words.

Each item in the values is for each column in the column name, you may try for each item loop for this

Hi @Jerin_Jacob
I don’t know what you mean about that, maybe show some blovks for me as example?

Here is what I have tried today:

This did not work, gave me error (but I don’t remember the error message):

Then I tried this, that works, but not as wanted:

Here is the db after upload:

But I want it to be in this order from top to bottom:


Any idea?

Does anyone have a good answer for this? :slight_smile:

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I don’t know why, but the below same blocks are working perfectly in Thunkable with Airtable extension

And here :point_down: is the result (the way you want)


But when I tried same with Kodular, they are not working. Even not getting any response code as if the app is not able to communicate with Airtable.
It may be a bug because , I cross-checked this project again on both platforms and theres nothing seems to be forgotten
Its just that its working on Thunkable and on Kodular its not.

Just check it on your side and let me know the result you get

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Hmmm, strange. I will have a look at it, it work for mw in kodular, but it’s not gjetting stored in the order I want. Did you not get it to work at all in kodular?

In what order do you want it to get stored?

As said, for me, it seems to be that app is not at all communicating with Airtable
The same is working fine on the other platform with extension

I want it in same order as you see on the blocks. Or at last the empty blocks in the end, so text come first.

Yes, I did read that, but did you use the airtable extension you used in Thunkable also in Kodular or the built-in?

Sorry I still dont understand this :point_up:
If you look in the blocks above in my reply, then you will notice that the column is in exactly same order as it is set in my blocks (global values variable).

No I didn’t use the related extension here, because as you know its already built-in component

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Remove empty fields and try again… I tried something like that with my projects and I found out that if airtable have any empty row then it will not work as it supposed to be.
Try removing empty fields and see if it works or not.

Ok so you want to create a row and not a column. Am I right @Choofa ?

No, I want to create column with ingredians in rows below. And I want it in the same order as I have my blocks, like you managed to do with your list. But when I do it all my empty blocks appairs in the middel of ingredians. But if I remove the empty blocks, when I first add dinner with 12 ingredians, and then want to replace it with dinner that only have 4 ingredians, then only 4 ingredians is bring replaced, that 's why I use empty blocks.

To get an idea of what you are exactly doing, can you PM me the aia?(of-course with API key and Base ID removed)

Yes, I can add New project and add all the neccesary blocks, cuz my app is full of personal info, since it’s only my family who use it.
I will be back home in about 30 min and fix for you :+1:

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I need more time, I’m going to work, after work I will try finish it for you, I’ve added the blocks into new project, but I need to add buttons, arrangements and those things. I’ll send aia file when as soon as I’m done :wink:

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