Airtable Language Problem (Urdu - Hindi - Arabic)

Hi, I have created a project with airtable and upload data from app to airtable, but I have language issue when entering text in English language then it will updated in airtable but when I enter Urdu or Hindi text then it shows like this as you can see in 5th row and Arabic text doesn’t show in airtable.


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Try encoding it before sending it to airtable then decode it after retrieving it from airtable.


do you have a sample code for that? I tried with web component and it didn’t work.

just first paste your data on notepad then save as encoding Unicode then same all data first copy then paste on airtable. it will works 100 %

He wants to upload data from application to airtable, not from web platform.

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Exactly as aobmucd said. I want my data to appear correctly on airtable.

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